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Interactive Services for Farmers
    Profitable Farming typically is a result of careful selection of which crops are most profitable to grow -- and a calculated selection of which products and services are most cost- effective in growing each crop.
    The Financial Calculators, Agronomy Wizards and other Interactive Web Services offered at this website are designed assist farmers, their financial advisors and their product suppliers in the analysis of options and choices. The objective is making better decisions leading to more profitable farming operations.
Financial Calculators
     The ProfitPlan Calculator provides you quick and easy calculations of revenues, expenses and profits estimated for the 2005 crop production year for seven widely-grown field crops.
     Revenues are calculated using your estimated crop production and sales based on your forecast of planted acres, yields and crop prices, plus the payments from the federal farm program, based on your enrollment.
     Direct Expenses are calculated for typical variable costs of seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, fuels, and other production inputs, typically incurred each season and on a per-acre basis.
     Marginal Profits are calculated by subtracting from revenues the direct production expenses.
     Allocated Expenses for land and machinery are calculated for a more complete accounting of production expenses.
     Net Profits are calculated by also subtracting the allocated costs of land and machinery ownership.
Agronomy Wizards
     The Farm Chemical Wizard provides a quick reference to products used to control weeds, insects and diseases on seven major crops with over 50,000 data interfaces of crop, pest, product and application type.
     The Insect Refuge Calculator provides a quick reference to the insect refuge requirements for planting corn and cotton that contain insect resistance genetic traits.
     The Farm Machinery Calculator can assist you in  evaluating your options to own or lease farm machinery based on initial cash costs and annual cash costs over several years.
     The County Loan Rate Wizard and the Posted County Price Wizard provide a quick look-up of federal program prices for each crop specific to each county simply by entering your zip code.
     Click on the links, displayed as underlined blue text, to explorer how these calculators and wizards can assist you in achieving more profitable farming operations.
    Other Financial Calculators, Agronomy Wizards and other Interactive Web Services similarly assist your decision-making in keeping with the goal of more profitable farming operations. (more)
Interactive Services for Agribusiness
     Precision Product Promotion that provides a specific message to a targeted farmer based on the crop, geography and other farm-specific variables.
     Extend your reach to the farm desktop, to ensure farmers develop their crop plans and budgets which includes your products and services. (more)
Interactive Services for Farm Suppliers
     Agribusiness firms supplying products and services to farmers are provided a free listing of their products in the databases.  This offer includes basic manufacturers, distributors and dealers of farm products and services. 
     Additionally, targeted pages are available for sponsorship that provide specific promotion of your products and services precise to crop, geography and other farm-specific variables. (more)
Interactive Services for Crop Buyers and Processors
     Crop buyers, marketing agents and other service providers are also provided a free listing of their services in the databases.
Interactive Services for Farm Bankers and Accountants
     Farm Bankers are able to use the ProfitPlan Calculator and the FieldPlan Calculator, for determining the proper amount and timing of crop production loans. (more)
Interactive Services for Farm Economists
     Farm Economists have developed a wealth of financial planning information for farmers. Our interactive calculators and wizards utilizes farm economic and financial information available from the public domain and tailors its application to factors specific to each farm. (more)
Interactive Services for Crop Insurance Agents
     Using detailed plans for revenues, expenses and profits, crop insurance agents can recommend the scope of insurance coverage, based on factors unique to each crop, geography and farming operation
Interactive Services for Farm Agronomists
     Agronomists are provided a system to make cost-effective selections of products and services, balancing product performance with price, risks and other factors.  (more)
Interactive Services for Collaboration 
     The interactive calculators wizards provides farmers a means to share their information with their farm supplier, farm banker, agronomist, crop insurance agent, crop marketing agent or others who can collaborate with a farmer in planning and achieving more profitable farming operations.